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Warrants in Oklahoma County OK are used to perform legal searches and arrests.
A search warrant authorizes the search of someone, a location, or anything in search of evidence of criminal behavior. An arrest warrant can be used to bring someone into custody.

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Oklahoma County OK Warrant Resources.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO Warrant Search)
2101 NE 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Phone: (405) 713-1000
Warrant Search

Oklahoma City Police Department
700 Colcord Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: (405) 297-1000
Check Warrants: (405) 297-3946
Warrant Information

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
320 Robert S Kerr Ave, Rn 409 Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Website 2
In Person Search – Yes

City of Edmond – Police Department
100 E 1st St, Edmond, OK 73034
Phone: (405) 359-4420

Midwest City Police Department
100 N Midwest Blvd, Midwest City, OK 73110
Phone: (405) 739-1306

Del City Police Department
4517 SE 29th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73115
Phone: (405) 677-2443

Bethany Police Department
6714 NW 36th St, Bethany, OK 73008
Phone: (405) 789-2323

Accessible Online: Oklahoma County Warrant Search

Anyone can conduct an online search if a search function is available on a county or state agency’s website. Most will allow you to search by name or by case number when doing a Oklahoma County warrant search. If the jurisdiction that issued the order is unknown, using a national commercial database can be useful.

Access To Court Records By The Public

A Oklahoma County court database is the most effective way to locate a warrant. Court databases include a plethora of information about warrants and other legal matters.
If you know the location of the court where the warrant was issued, you can search its database; while many court databases are available online, some won’t be.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Arrest Warrant List

You must formally request the Oklahoma County police department to give you warrant records. Include identifying information, such as the person’s name and birthday, and a detailed explanation of why you are making the request.

Bench Warrants In Oklahoma County

Bench warrants are different because a judge initiates them.
This indicates that the defendant (the person named on the warrant) was aware of the court date yet failed to come.
Oklahoma County bench warrants can be issued for various reasons, including unpaid fines, missed court dates, and violations of probationary restrictions.

Arrest Warrants In Oklahoma County

To get a Oklahoma County arrest warrant, a simple method can be followed. Police officers must have proof before requesting an arrest warrant.
When the court has reviewed the evidence and determined it to be believable, an arrest warrant will be issued.

Warrant To Arrest A Fugitive

A court or legal body may issue a fugitive warrant to arrest a defendant and relocate them to the prosecuting jurisdiction for trial. This is common practice when someone flees from the law in Oklahoma County OK to another state or county.

Order To Search

A search warrant is a legally binding document that grants Oklahoma County police the authority to search for information, contraband, or physical evidence.
A warrant is issued on behalf of the state by a judge. All search warrants have the same purpose: they allow law enforcement to obtain information that could be utilized in a criminal investigation or as evidence in court.

Free Warrant Searches In Oklahoma County

If you wish to avoid paying for a service, you should know your options for performing a free warrant search.
You should look into a few different sources; the court system is a fantastic place to start. The legal system keeps track of both expired and ongoing warrants. The simplest approach to obtain free warrant records is to contact the court that issued the warrant.

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