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Information on criminal histories, including past and present incarcerations, is contained in Comanche County inmate records. Since this information can follow offenders’ behavior and provide insight into their risk to society, it is essential for both correctional staff and the wider public.
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Comanche County Resources.

Comanche County Sheriff Office (CCSO Inmate Search)
315 SW 5th St, Lawton, OK 73501
Phone: (580) 353-4280
Inmate Search
Detention Center

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
315 SW 5th St, Rm 504 Lawton, OK 73501
Website 2
In Person Search – Yes

Comanche County OK Detention Center
315 SW 5th St, Lawton, OK 73501

Comanche County OK Juvenile Detention
701 SW 17th St, Lawton, OK 73501

Lawton Community Corrections Center (LCCC)
605 SW Coombs Rd, Lawton, OK 73501

Lawton Correctional Facility
8607 SE Flower Mound Rd, Lawton, OK 73501

Comanche County Inmate Search Online

Online inmate data can be found in a variety of ways. You can look it up on a governmental website, such as state DOC, county jail, and federal prisons.
These records can also be discovered by using a private company that provides nationwide databases. Each approach works, but how well it works depends on how much information you’re trying to find for your Comanche County inmate search.

Oklahoma State Prison VS Comanche County Jail

People who have been arrested and are awaiting trial as well as those who have been given a light sentence are housed in Comanche County jails. Typically, county jails are managed by the sheriff’s department.
The state and federal governments oversee prisons in the meanwhile. Those convicted of serious offenses are the ones who remain in Oklahoma prison.

Oklahoma Prison Inmate Search

There are numerous ways to locate someone in a Oklahoma prison. The first option is to get in touch with the prison directly. The process for handling information requests will vary depending on the prison.
Most state DOC websites contain this information. You can use this tool to search using the name that is on record.

Comanche County Jail Inmate Search

The county sheriff’s office is the best place to start your search for an inmate in the Comanche County jail. The county website typically has the sheriff’s office’s contact information. Call them once you get it, and let them know you’re looking for an inmate. They ought to be able to direct you in the appropriate path.
Searching for the inmate online using a public records database is another option. You should have little trouble finding the person you’re looking for because inmates are frequently included in these databases by name on file.

Comanche County Mugshots

For access to an inmate’s mugshot, get in touch with the Comanche County sheriff or your neighborhood police force. The alternate method is to check the jail website or other related websites to find mugshots online.

Comanche County Jail Log

An inmate’s name, previous arrests, and the duration of their detention are all listed in the Comanche County jail log. This information can be used to find people who have skipped bail or establish someone’s criminal history.

Comanche County Jail Roster

Comanche County jail rosters are considered public records in virtually every jurisdiction, which entitles anybody to ask the jail for a copy. It normally lists all inmates who are currently incarcerated along with other pertinent information like their charges and booking date.

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