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One may wish to perform a Comanche County criminal record check on someone for various reasons. Perhaps you have a new person in your life and want to ensure they have a clean record.

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Comanche County OK Local Criminal Data Systems

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
315 SW 5th St, Rm 504 Lawton, OK 73501
Web Lookup
Web Lookup 2
In Person Search – Yes

Comanche County Sheriff Office (CCSO)
315 SW 5th St, Lawton, OK 73501
Phone: (580) 353-4280
Inmate Search
Most Wanted
Sex Offenders
Records Division

Lawton Police Department
10 SW 4th St, Lawton, OK 73501
Phone: (580) 581-3240
Open Records

Comanche County Court Records

To access Comanche County criminal records, the main technique is through the court system. This can include visiting the courthouse in person or check if they have an online database.
Another method is using online services, which can provide instantaneous access to criminal records. However, it’s a good idea to go through the court system directly for the most precise and in-depth records, as courts hold the original.

Comanche County Police Records

When using police records for an individual’s Comanche County criminal history, there are key points to remember.
Firstly, while many police records are readily available to the public, certain records, such as those including juveniles or sealed records, will be restricted.
Second, it’s important to remember that not all police records are final. A person might have an arrest record even if they were never convicted.
Although police records can be a reliable source of details, cross-referencing with other sources before concluding is a good idea.

Arrest Reports

In many states, arrest records are accessible to the general public through various online and offline resources. The most straightforward method to access these records is to call theĀ  Comanche County sheriff’s office or police department in the arrest’s jurisdiction. Most of these departments will have a dedicated records department to furnish records upon request.

Inmate Reports

Examining inmate records can provide insights into someone’s Comanche County background as well. Should someone have a criminal conviction and be sent to prison, an inmate record will reveal where and for how long.

Common Types of Criminal Records:


Unlike more severe offenses, Comanche County infractions are minor law violations, frequently leading to fines. Examples include traffic tickets, jaywalking, and littering. While they usually lead to modest penalties like fines, unlike misdemeanors and felonies, which might result in jail time.


A misdemeanor in Comanche County OK on your record can show up when doing criminal records checks. Though less extreme than a felony, a misdemeanor can still be revealing depending on the crimes committed.

Comanche County Felony Records

Many recognize the term “felony” but may not fully understand its implications. A felony represents a severe crime, often leading to a prison sentence.
Comanche County felonies encompass offenses like murder, rape, robbery, and kidnapping. Convictions can result in severe consequences, such as incarceration, loss of voting rights, and required registration for offenses like sex crimes.

Comanche County Sexual Offender Monitoring

When performing a Comanche County criminal record search checking the sex offender registry is a must. This database houses information on convicted sex offenders in the U.S., searchable by name or location.

Comanche County Dui and Dwi

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is a criminal offense in every state and Comanche County OK. Convictions can result in penalties ranging from fines and jail time to more severe consequences for repeat offenders. In certain states, a DUI can even be categorized as a felony, especially for those who result in accidents while impaired.

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