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While the public can access most Cleveland County criminal records, there are exceptions. Records might be restricted if there’s a current investigation or if it involves a juvenile.

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Cleveland County OK Local Criminal Data Systems

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
200 S Peters Ave Norman, OK 73069
Web Lookup
Web Lookup 2
In Person Search – Yes

Cleveland County Sheriffs Office (CCSO)
111 N. Peters Ave., Suite 600,  Norman, OK 73069                  
Phone: 405-701-8888
Inmate Check
Warrant Search
Sex Offenders

Oklahoma City Police Department
700 Colcord Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: (405) 297-1000
Police Records and Reports

Cleveland County Court Records

To reveal somebody’s Cleveland County criminal records, remember that not all criminal records are public. For instance, if an individual is acquitted, their record might stay private if they choose to seal it.
One can consult the court where the conviction happened, search online databases provided by the court, or turn to private businesses that work with court documents.

Cleveland County Police Records

Obtaining police records for criminal history checks can be done in a couple of ways. You can request records directly from the Cleveland County agency responsible for the arrest or the state police.

Arrest Reports

An arrest record in the United States documents an individual’s arrest history. Normally generated by the Cleveland County sheriff or police, it includes details about the person’s arrests, charges, and other relevant details.

Inmate Reports

Checking inmate records is another approach to determining if someone has been convicted of a crime in Cleveland County OK. Once convicted and taken to jail or prison, an individual’s information is added to an inmate database, which can be searched by the public, making it an important resource for learning more about someone’s criminal history.

Common Types of Criminal Records:


Infractions are small offenses in Cleveland County OK that typically don’t result in jail time but could have probation or fines. While not as extreme as misdemeanors or felonies, they can still affect your life. An infraction like a speeding ticket can add points to your driving record, potentially raising your insurance premiums.


Cleveland County misdemeanors can vary in seriousness depending on the crime. They range from minor offenses like shoplifting to more severe ones like DUI or domestic abuse.

Cleveland County Felony Records

When looking for somebody’s Cleveland County criminal history, checking for felony records is a must. Felonies are considered severe crimes, potentially leading to long-term prison terms. When convicted of a felony, that court document becomes permanent in the court database unless sealed or expunged.

Cleveland County Sexual Offender Monitoring

To confirm if any registered sex offenders reside in your area, you can consult local Cleveland County police or sheriff’s department lists. Typically, these lists are offered online. Additionally, the national sex offender registry, preserved by the united states department of justice, gathers information on all convicted sex offenders.

Cleveland County Dui and Dwi

In the U.S and Cleveland County OK DUI charges can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies, depending upon aspects like the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC), previous DUI offenses, and whether the event led to injuries. Misdemeanor DUI charges typically apply to first-time offenders or those with low BAC levels, leading to penalties like license suspension, alcohol education, and community service.

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