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A judge’s written order, known as a warrant in Broken Arrow OK, enables the police to search a location for evidence or make an arrest.
Warrants must be supported by “probable cause,” which calls for some proof that the subject of the search or the subject of the arrest is probably engaged in criminal behavior.

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Warrant Directories For:
Tulsa County OK

Broken Arrow OK Warrant Resources.

Broken Arrow Police Department (BAPD Inmate Search)
1101 N 6th St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Phone: (918) 259-8400

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
303 W 1st St, Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: (918) 596-5601

Tulsa Crime Stoppers
Most Wanted

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
500 S Denver Ave Tulsa, OK 74103
Website 2
In Person Search – Yes

Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office
307 E Cherokee St, Wagoner, OK 74467
Phone: (918) 485-3124

Accessible Online: Broken Arrow Warrant Search

Several methods exist online for doing a Broken Arrow warrant search. One option is to utilize a commercial public records database that compiles data from throughout the country. These databases allow you to search for warrants and criminal records by name quickly.
The county or city where the warrant was issued has an official website that you can also access. You may now search for warrants online in a lot of counties and towns. Simply enter the name of the person you’re looking for, and the database will display any results that match your query.
If you cannot find what you are looking for online, you might hire a private investigator or speak with a bail bond agent.

Access To Court Records By The Public

You can use Broken Arrow court databases to search for warrants if you’re looking for one. You’ll need the case number or the subject’s name to conduct this type of search.

Broken Arrow Sheriff's Arrest Warrant List

If required, you can ask the sheriff’s office or police department for Broken Arrow warrant records.
If they don’t have an online database, you’ll need to submit a request online or by calling them. Start by looking at their website to see if they publish a list of warrants online.

Bench Warrants In Broken Arrow

When a defendant fails to appear in court, the judge may issue a bench warrant for the person’s arrest.
This implies that the individual listed on the warrant is subject to arrest and detention at any time.

Arrest Warrants In Broken Arrow

As long as they have probable cause, the police can easily get a warrant to make an arrest in Broken Arrow OK.
Before a warrant may be used formally by law enforcement, a judge must sign it.

Warrant To Arrest A Fugitive

A fugitive warrant is issued by the county where the offense was committed. These orders are issued when a suspect flees the city or county of the crime, and another law enforcement agency’s help is required to apprehend and transport the defendant back.

Order To Search

When the Broken Arrow police need to search for evidence of a crime and gather material for a case, a judge will authorize a search warrant.

Free Warrant Searches In Broken Arrow

A few options exist for conducting a free search to identify active warrants in the United States.
One option to check for active warrants is to contact the court clerk in the county where the warrant was issued.
You can also call the local police and request access to a database or list of outstanding warrants.
Lastly, you can look for Broken Arrow warrants online using arbitrary websites.

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