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There are numerous reasons somebody might need to investigate another’s Broken Arrow criminal history. People often conduct background checks to ensure the stability and low risk of others. Checking a criminal record in Broken Arrow OK can provide peace of mind and protection against possible risks.

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Criminal Record Guides For:
Tulsa County OK

Broken Arrow OK Local Criminal Data Systems

Broken Arrow Police Department (BAPD)
1101 N 6th St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Phone: (918) 259-8400
Police Records

District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
500 S Denver Ave Tulsa, OK 74103
Web Lookup
Web Lookup 2
In Person Search – Yes

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO)
303 W 1st St, Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: (918) 596-5601
Inmate Search
Warrant Search
Open Records Requests
Sex Offender Registry

Broken Arrow Municipal Court
2304 S 1st Pl, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Phone: (918) 451-8558

Broken Arrow Court Records

Numerous avenues exist for accessing Broken Arrow criminal records. While one can physically visit the county courthouse, browsing online is typically easier, but online databases aren’t offered in every county. To conduct an online search, check the county courthouse’s official website where the case originated.

Broken Arrow Police Records

Police records are another source of Broken Arrow criminal data. They can reveal if an individual was arrested, questioned, or interacted with the police. Normally, these records consist of the individual’s name, date of birth, and specific information about any police encounters.

Arrest Reports

Arrest records are public and can be sourced online or offline. The local sheriff’s office or Broken Arrow police department normally houses these records, and copies can often be obtained upon request.

Inmate Reports

Inmate records can also ascertain somebody’s Broken Arrow criminal history, exposing convictions that ended with incarceration.

Common Types of Criminal Records:


Criminal infractions are offenses in Broken Arrow OK that do not have the intensity of felonies or misdemeanors. Common penalties for such infractions include fines or probation. Examples of infractions are shoplifting, speeding, trespassing, and public intoxication.


Broken Arrow misdemeanors include simple assault, disorderly conduct, DUI, trespassing, theft, and petty larceny. Some traffic violations may likewise be classified as misdemeanors. Repercussions typically entail fines or short-term jail time.

Broken Arrow Felony Records

While the word “felony” is often heard, its implications might be less known. A felony is a serious crime punishable by imprisonment or even life.
Broken Arrow felonies vary from murder, rape, and robbery to drug trafficking. Felony convictions come with heavy penalties: comprehensive prison sentences, significant fines, and possible loss of civil rights. A felony on one’s record will also make certain opportunities hard in life.

Broken Arrow Sexual Offender Monitoring

A sex offender in Broken Arrow OK is an individual convicted of a sexual offense. The severity of the criminal activity determines the category of the offender. Certain classifications of sex offenders are mandated to register with the government, making their names and addresses publicly available.

Broken Arrow Dui and Dwi

In the U.S., a DUI represents “Driving Under the Influence” of alcohol or drugs and is considered a severe offense.
A Broken Arrow DUI arrest can affect opportunities and insurance premiums. In some jurisdictions, one can be charged with DUI simply for staying in physical control of an automobile while impaired, even if not actively driving.

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